Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 things

1.) my birthday was awesome. the hubs picked me up after class, we got lunch, then we went home to scoop char up from her nap and went down town for free cup cakes.  can you say sugar high? C was crazy for like two hours and then she crashed and fell asleep on me while making dinner (her dinner not mine) we both wore pink for my bday, then me and the hubs went out for dinner which was srsly so amazing i ate so much food.  and the festivities don't stop there! we are going to a fancy hotel this weekend and eating dinner at the top (thanks hubs). 

2.) on weds this week i had a snow day because we got a huge snow storm like 9 inches...i wish sometimes we would get freak snow storms that had 34 inches like boston or connecticut, but I guess i will settle for 9 inches.  so we made some snowmen and a snow fort and snow angels. we had to enjoy our last (hopefully) snow.  

3.) i woke up thinking today was friday or saturday because the hubs was home with us all day yesterday because of the snow so it felt like the weekend.  we finished season 7 of how I met your mother (srsly so funny) during C's nap, and had popcorn and girl scout cookies it was so great having him home! 

4.) i have the biggest pimple ever in life on my chin. i feel like it could eat my face. 

5.) i have a serious obsession with gummy bears and trader joe's wine

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