Thursday, February 7, 2013

porch talks and spiders

the day of our first date when the hubs drove up to my house to drop me off, he said:

"I like your house"

i said: 

"thanks! i like you"

R later said that was when he knew he was going to marry me. 

we had these "porch talks" because my curfew was 10 p.m. but as long as i was home (aka my porch) it was ok if R stayed longer, so he would. 

we would talk for sometimes 3 hours on my porch and we would watch the rain fall, the stars, and talk about everything from how I was scared of worms, how i wanted to be a teacher, how he wanted to get his PhD someday, and the fact that spiders really freaked us both out (i told him he better fudging kill them if we ever saw one).

during one of these porch talks is when i knew for sure i would marry him.

p.s. he still kills the fudging spiders


  1. oh my gosh. this is the sweetest post i've ever read!!!! like x a million!!! i love you guys!