Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Charlotte lately

  Char baby isn't a baby anymore, she is a running, crazy, fun, toddler.  I don't know how this happened so fast! I know everyone says that but its true.  How do I have a 14 month old already?? Her favorite thing to do is to run up and down our hallway upstairs and scare the bajesus out of our cats.  She yells "HIII KITTY" (except she says "titty"...its probably fine) and they run and hide under the bed. When she does catch them she pets them and laughs her little face off.  Her favorite food is cheese, blueberries, and watermelon.  She loves shoes, bows, puzzles, books,her big bear francisco, her doggy, and throwing tennis balls.  She says so many words now, and her hair is getting so much longer that it gets crazy bed head in the morning and after naps.

These past few days of her being sick and cuddly made me remember when she was first born, its so crazy how fast the time goes...wasn't it just a day ago that we brought her back to our teeny apartment? When we had to write out her name on her birth certificate (I was still super out of it so R did it) he by accident wrote "Char-tatte" (we fixed it like 5 min later) instead of "Charlotte" well, that is how one of her nick names started we sometimes call her that and "tater tot" but the hubs tries not to because it always makes me want some tots.


  1. We have a picture of my brother that looks just like these cereal ones. This brought a smile to my face :)

  2. haha yeah i couldn't even be mad about it, it was too funny!