Friday, February 22, 2013

best mail day ever in life

We are feeling much better today and had so much fun this morning, we looked out the window at the snow (ugh so sick of it...but C loves watching it come down), she carried my vera bradley bag around the entire house for awhile, we had a party in her room with all her stuffed animals (can you tell we love elephants around here?), while we were up in her room I fixed her other shelf up, and it was THE BEST mail day ever in life I got my people magazine and my mom got me a Birchbox subscription for my bday! After a not so great week of being sick today was a great way to start off the weekend.  

tonight the hubs and I along with some of our friends are going to a comedy show (thanks to aunt c and my brother for babysitting :) ) so it will start off my bday celebrations a little bit early, I am so excited! 

also i flat out face planted in the snow today dancing for charlotte...oh the things I do to entertain her. (i'm fine btw) and crazy med school texted me last night that she thinks she danced with a homeless man...its probably fine.

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