Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 things

1.) well last night at around 6 pm Char puked everywhere and didn't stop until about 9...poor kid. this is the first time she has ever been this sick.  the hubs cleaned floors and changed sheets while I cleaned her up and put her back to bed...she fell asleep on me a few times and i have to say i loved that she needed her mommy.  but now everything smells like barf, so we febreezed every room and opened the windows....bad idea now our house is FREEZING and its kind of a blizzard outside right now. so thankful to have the hubs clean up the barf...i can't stand the smell.

2.) its one of those nights where i am going to drink a glass (or 3) of wine and have girl scout cookies (yayyy my mom bought like 20 boxes...)

3.) finally got all the pieces together for my blank wall in my room!! the hubs said he would put it all up for me this weekend! turns out i had all the frames i needed except one which i got at ikea, i can't waiiit for it all to be up, right now its just hanging out on my floor and Char thinks its her personal playground.

4.)so today i was thinking about what i was going to do for my bday on monday, and i realized i have CLASS that day...the hubs said i should pin 2 dollars to my shirt and see who else gives me money...srsly R, i mean really?!

5.) what i will really do is before and after class get all the free stuff i can possibly think of...

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