Monday, February 25, 2013

me at 26

its my birthday today!! sadly I have class...but the hubs was my chauffeur and dropped me off at class and is picking me up afterwards and we will be going everywhere to get free stuff like cupcakes, ice cream and bread! and tonight we are going out for dinner at one of my fav restaurants :)

Me at 26: (and 26 random facts about me)

1.) I love listening to the rain
2.) I love cheese
3.) I love going on long walks or hikes with the hubs and Char
4.) I love tulips, daisy's and sunflowers
5.) my favorite color is pink, and a close second is blue
6.) I loved driving stick shift and want my future car to be one
7.) I really want to travel the world and live outside the united states for a few years
8.) Char baby is my favorite person (other then the hubs) and I love that she is so girly
9.) I love school this time around
10.) it takes me a shorter time to shower then the hubs
11.) I wear paris hilton perfume (its prob fine)
12.) I love animals
13.) dresses are my favorite thing to wear other then sweaters and leggings (mom uniform)
14.) my favorite food is pasta
15.) I love working out
16.) Up north is one of my favorite places to go (summer or winter)
17.) whenever I drink coffee i immediately have to go to the bathroom
18.) i love wine
19.) I want to be a teacher
20.) I want to have more kids some day
21.) I love chocolate cake
22.) whenever I am in the car by myself i dance and rock out to b. spears circa the 90s
23.) i love my friends
24.) i have a weird muscle on my bottom lip that my dad calls "the worm" (ask me sometime I will do it for you)
25.) I love traveling
26.) I have super weird dreams

and that is me at 26, here is to another great year!


  1. happy happy birthday!! fun facts - I love pasta and cheese and love the sound of rain!

  2. I hope you had am amazing day! Happy birthday!