Friday, February 8, 2013

5 things

1.) i used dry shampoo for the first time! it works wonders, and gave my hair the perfect texture. (thanks crazy med school!)

2.) srsly thank god its friday, i decided to be kind of comfy/sporty/casual since its the hubs fav (and also lets be serious i didn't want to wear anything super nice)  

3.) i ordered some stuff from F21 and Macy's the other day and i hate waiting for it to get to my house.  i just want to wear it already ghod. but one of the things i ordered is a sweater with HEARTS all over it. omg. so excited to get it in the mail.

4.) the hubs and i don't normally do anything for valentines day, except we do have one tradition of eating breakfast for dinner.  R makes heart shaped pancakes, i cut up strawberries and its super delicious.  this year our neighb gave us some PINK pancake mix!! so now I am beyond excited to eat pink pancakes.  

5.) my brother's wedding is in less than 5 months. so excited. we found the cutest flower girl dress ever in life on etsy and i cannot WAIT to put it on Char baby.

have a great weekend! 

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  1. Pink pancakes? Thats my kind of valentines day! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)