Monday, February 4, 2013

sunday fun day

shirt: gap, pants: kohls, scarf: target, coat: lands end
awkward poses brought to you by: me, myself, and I!

Last night my parents and the hubs surprised me with a birthday celebration early! Since my dad won't be here for my birthday this year (the life of a traveling sales man) he planned an extravaganza (as he would say) he got me tulips (my fav), cupcakes (also my fav) and had the hubs make me my favorite burgers.  It was so sweet, and just what I needed i was feeling kind of down in the dumps yesterday until the hubs said we were getting milkshakes from Steak and Shake (yummm) so yes long story short i was a complete fatty yesterday (its probably fine).  Today we start insanity again. we have to be in great shape for all these weddings this summer!

and then the hubs surprised me with a valentines trip to snow shoe up north! i just had the best day yesterday for real.  well all except that one poop incident

a picture of me and crazy med school with the worst bloody mary's ever here 


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