Monday, February 18, 2013

mini get away

we had so much fun on our weekend snow shoe adventure...we left friday and drove into a LOT of snow it was just so pretty.  we got to TC around 8 and checked into our hotel...we let C run up and down the hallway probably like 30 times to get all her energy out she loved it...then she started knocking on everyones door so we told her it was time to go to sleep and she ptfo for 13 hours...guess we need to do that every night! after she went to bed the hubs and I had wine, in paper cups...out in the hallway, it was kind of awesome.  

the next morning we went snow shoeing it was snowing SO hard, it was so fun.  Char baby was a good sport and let us snow shoe for about 40 min before she got bored and so then we just played in the snow and started our drive home.

it was a perfect mini get away and I am so glad we got to get up north before all the snow melted.  now our car desperately needs a carwash and i am craving sunshine. 


  1. so fun! i could handle the snow for a week-end but that probably about it. :)

  2. haha yeah, I am really getting over this cold weather and snow...time for spring!