Sunday, February 10, 2013

weekend fun

shirt: old navy, scarf: von maur, jeans: target, boots: uggs

this is one of my favorite new shirts, its bright green and so loose and comfy, perfect for running after my crazy child.  isn't the sun super amazing in these pics? hahaha the hubs was in his bathrobe and so mad at me for making him go outside. poor R
 its valentines day week! I did some crafting the other night and made that heart string for across the fireplace, i told the hubs to buy me RED construction paper, so he went out and bought a variety pack of paper and NONE OF IT WAS RED! asdlkfjaldkfdf!!!! Char baby was helping me out (but then she kept eating the paper of course so i had to keep her busy and gave her a piece of foam which she was srsly enthralled by for legit 20 min...who knew?!) and then we went to ikea today (at 10 a.m. bc nobody is there its srsly the best time to go to that place) and did some shopping and got stuff for our blank wall in the bedroom, and things for C's shelf which i am SO proud of how it turned out.


  1. Babies do love eating paper don't they? :-)

    Your husband is such a trooper!! Glad he got these cute pictures of you!

  2. haha yes its my daughters favorite thing :)
    Thanks for stopping by! :)