Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines day memories

my favorite valentines day memory was one year in college.

we were still going to the same school, it was sophomore year...and we had a snow day! 

it was our first snow day ever in college and the first one at the school in like 20 was SO awesome (if you know me you know i absolutely LOVE snow its my favorite). 

we played in the snow, we walked down to the small little town holding hands and this lady drove by us and yelled out her window: "stay in love!"  (srsly this really happened) and we got soup from a little hole in the wall place, and got ice cream.  

when we got back to our dorm the hubs had a homemade card for me and a mini scavenger hunt! it led to some dove chocolates and a new dress (which is the way to my heart). 

so thank you random lady for shouting that out your car window, it made for an awkward couple of minutes but now we think back on it  and want to pay it forward some day (so if you hear someone randomly yelling out their window it just MIGHT be us hehe)

**idea from Ali :)


  1. I think someone purposely planned v-day to be in the snowy weather for lots of love! Such a cute pic:)

  2. i agree! thanks for stopping by :) your dog is SO cute, and i love your pictures!