Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cookies and touristy things

The hubs and I went to Chicago for 2 nights, it was a quick trip but it was SO needed.  My dad dropped us off at the train station, and we waited to board.  The train got there at 7:20 p.m. and off we went….we didn’t get a real seat on the train, we had to sit in the café car, which looks like my middle school lunchroom.  There were a ton of 28-40 year old guys that were SUPER wasted and dropping f-bombs like crazy.  I was so entertained. The conductor told one of them he was going to get kicked out if he didn’t stop…then there was “that” couple next to us that was just ALL over each other.  It was gross.  It smelled like strawberry febreeze and body odor on the train. 

Anyways when we got to Chicago we took a cab to our hotel.  All week I had looked forward to this warm cookie they said would be waiting for us, well it had WALNUTS in it (I am allergic to tree nuts) so Russ got to eat BOTH of the warm cookies…I was so annoyed, I love cookies.  So I decided to treat myself to some wine in the mini fridge…18 dollars later and it wasn’t even that good.  So I went to bed.  

The next morning we got up and had breakfast and I LITERALLY had the BEST pancakes I think I have ever had.  They tasted like lemon cupcakes. It kind of made up for the cookie.  After breakfast we went to do touristy things, but then it started to rain so we got soaked and stopped at Starbucks for some coffee, then to CVS for an umbrella.  We didn’t know that our hotel had FREE umbrellas…we saw the bean (which I had never actually been to) so I was excited.  Then we went back to our hotel and relaxed while it rained more. 

We then headed to this bar called Rockit to watch the Michigan/Illinois football game, it was really fun and had an awesome atmosphere. We proceeded to drink kind of a lot…then went back to our hotel room (still raining) and I took a nap while the hubs finished watching the game (MI won 45-0) Then we got ready for dinner, walked to Gino’s East and had pizza and tried to wake up, we saw another one of “those” couples making out behind us, then we finally met up with our college friends and went to our swanky rooftop bar of our hotel…70 dollars later we decided we should probably go to a cheaper bar…we had a blast catching up with them and meeting their other friends in from out of town as well. 

This morning was seriously the WORST we got 4 hours of sleep so we were so tired, I can’t hear when I am tired, so I end up sounding like an old lady saying “WHAT?” all the time.  The hubs told the cab driver to go to “Grand Central Station” (which is in NEW YORK) hahahahahaha he must of thought we were so dumb.  We made it to the train and I had the bright idea to sit next to the bathroom it SMELLS AWFUL never do that.  The person behind us snored away and it still smelled like body odor.  I don’t really think I like the train. 

My parents said that Charbaby was super good and slept 12 hours a night, why can’t she do that for the hubs and I? I missed her cute little face while we were gone, but it was nice to spend time with R.  Oh, I also decided I need a haircut.

That’s our trip.  Back to real life and getting ready for our HALF MARATHON next weekend.

By the way, I still want a cookie.

 Ready to go at the train station
 hahaha I had to ad this in
 Russ staring at "THAT" couple disgustedly
 I got bored on the train okay?
 R loves taking pictures with me...(can you tell I am being sarcastic)
 The Wit hotel fancy (thanks dad)
 The 18 dollars I will never get back...
 It was raining what else am I to do
 The BEST pancakes ever
 Michigan Bar
 hehehe i am so sneaky
 quite smashed at this point GO BLUE!
 waiting in line for dinner
 there behind the hubs is the other one of "THOSE" couples
 my stupid camera wasn't working so this is really bad quality
 swanky roof top bar
 College friends B and Charlie, aren't they the cutest??

Aren't we fabulous 


 there's us in the rain with our TWELVE dollar umbrella

 the hubs is a pretty good date 

 We clean up pretty nicely if I do say so myself

I only put this picture on here because i'm obsessed with my blue pants, I mean what did I do before i discovered these??

 baby uggs!!!
I missed her cute face, I  swear she grew more hair in the day I was gone!


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  1. YESS!!! SHE HAS BABY UGGS! I love them!!

    Also, I get major anxiety when I leave comments because I never know if I'll get the word verification right. But I think with practice I might get better.

    LOVE your Chi pics.. I'm glad you guys had a great time! And I need to make lemon pancakes ASAP.