Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's on A's Phone??!

 This is my new fb picture, the hubs took a cute one!
 Cooking, aren't they so stinking cute??
 We made that yummy skinny pasta I posted about!! It was so so delicious!! AND I even helped make it, which is saying a lot because I do not normally cook 
 hahaha Char baby didn't know what to do when I put real shoes on her, so she sat down and stared at them
So I left my phone in C's room by accident before putting her down for a nap.  I had to wait like 40 min until I felt safe getting it back.  I made R do it. I said "You go get it, you are like a ninja" and he said "ok but I have to take my jeans off, you have to wear soft clothing so you don't make any noise" he came back like 2 min later with my phone and this picture


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