Friday, October 26, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!?

Happy FRIDAY! Yayy I love weekends...the hubs had to go into work early this morning, i barely remember him leaving! It is so rainy and gloomy outside.  My friend put it the best "total gloom fest" so I wore halloween colors today, also the monster (C baby, we are awful we call her freak monster) went down for her nap without a fight today! Me-1 baby-0 so I actually got to shower at a decent time!  

Anyway here is what is on my phone this week, I didn't realize it but there are a lot of animal pictures and none of R! Next week I will make sure to take more with him!! Sorry R!

 i sent this to crazy med school with the caption "STUDY" 
 omg so sweet
 for the longest time cody wasn't a fan of the monster, but now they are BFF's
 hahaha she is a hot mess <3 
 cuddle time
 I love this because of cody in the background (and my new DRESS from that amazing website)
 char baby likes to take every single book off her bookshelf and put it on the floor...then she loses interest and makes me clean it up (this happens at least once a day, pay back is going to happen when she is older i am thinking the litter box hahaha)
Baby C's room, I just love it

oh jeez. char baby is awake...10 MINUTES! thats all she napped for.  I guess its baby-1 me-0 now! Also my dog pooped on the carpet by the door today (she gets scared about rain) and so THAT was fun to clean up...then C tried to crawl and touch the poop while i was cleaning it then I took us to Starbucks and thank god the hubs gave his free drink to me because i got a GRANDE mocha frap...with extra whip...i was bad but whatever I haven't had one in a WEEK! Anyway we are having baby j and his parents over for dinner tonight, we are excited so i have to go clean...

Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. LOL.. did I respond to that text? I vaguely remember receiving it. OMG, my memory is gone for sure!

  2. Hahah Elisabeth you did respond but all you said was something about poop! Hahaha and I know mocha fraps are THE most addicting thing ever for me :(