Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Butt Juice

So last night I came upstairs and my cat, Callie (butt face) was laying on the corner of my bed...she manages to jump (well more roll) off the bed and what did she leave behind? A butt juice stain....UGH she leaves them for us all the time, and we of COURSE have a white comforter.  Upon closer inspection the hubs said it was all wet around the stain too...well I went into the bathroom and the bath tub hadn't drained from giving Char baby a bath...there was also lots of water on the floor.  hahaha Callie jumped into the bathtub and ended up cleaning off her stupid gross butt!! I really do need to get her a hair cut again, she is so much nicer after she gets groomed.  Also yesterday was her BIRTHDAY! She is 3...so I felt bad and I was nice to her and let her snuggle with me.

 cute butt face on her birthday
 cody banks is my dog she is 12
 going on a walk in the freezing cold, broke out her winter coat
 she is so bigggg
 Oh, hey!
 So one of C's nick names is "boo boo" and we found these socks at Target hhahaha
She is such a monster but isn't she cute



  1. Aw your dog is so cute! Love this post, it's funny. :)

  2. Hahaha. My cat's butt is still crusty with poop and random excrements from probably 6 mos ago. Disgusting. She needs to learn how to clean it, as does Callie. I can't believe she jumped in the tub! Seriously? So weird!

    I love pics of Char :) and her socks are so cute!!!!! Target needs to stop coming out with everything cute.. It's gonna drain us.

  3. This made me giggle! Nice to see you are blogging. Stop over and visit my blog sometime. How is your mom? Tell her I said "hi!"
    ~ Pam Lincoln aka Mama Spark