Thursday, October 25, 2012

cranky pants

Char baby is supposed to be napping right now, she was miss cranky pants all morning, and the second I put her down for a nap she starts chatting away.  She is nuts sometimes... while I wait for miss thing to fall asleep I guess I will answer another question!

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood

1.) I remember playing with my neighbor (my boyfriend) when I was 4 living in Dallas, TX and he shined a flash light into my eyes and I couldn't see for like 2 minutes.

2.) I remember when we moved from TX to MI and the first snow was SO magical, my brother and I saved the snow and put it in the freezer...(haha we had no idea how much snow we were in for)

3.) I remember all of our great family trips to Colorado growing up.

Remember how I said I was sick? Well I am not anymore, I took benedryl 2 nights in a row and PTFO it was nice to get some sleep, I did have really crazy dreams though about bats, huge giraffes, and chocolate chip cookie dough.  I won't go into detail it just is way too nuts.

 my bestie
 she loves my clothes...I mean she has good taste
 brown bear is her fav
I love this top...omg the BOW 


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