Monday, October 15, 2012

Crazy med school

One of my best friends is in med school. She is crazy but in a good way this is her:

I miss her now that she has been sucked into med school, but we have had so many great times...

 We worked together for a number of years in food service...1 million tater tots later and we are still friends
 her hubby is an aspiring pilot so he took us up in this plane to see our friends baby one day...I know pretty fancy huh
 white wine sangria at Sava's
 Here we are the summer I found out I was pregnant with Char baby, and Elisabeth made me laugh so hard I literally peed myself

 Eating at our favorite place EVER: Sava's I highly recommend it if you live in Michigan
 We literally laid out EVERY day that summer and called it "operation black" to be tan for our friends wedding
We actually met on our senior year spring break through a mutual friend...hahaha I am wearing my ponies are pretty shirt, it was my fav, also I still have that belt!

hahaha I had to put this in

That is the story of crazy med school and me, she has a blog too! This is it if you want to follow her 


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    I got teary eyed reading this! I can't wait to come back to AA and go to Sava's again. And get drunk off of 1/2 a glass of white sangria. Love yoooou!