Tuesday, October 30, 2012

flats and skinny jeans

today was day 2 of insanity.

i am so sore.

i had to sub today at my old high school, it was so weird to be back there after so long.  it felt like one of those bad dreams you have about school and finding the class room and being late.  it was actually a lot easier then some elementary schools i have subbed at.

also i thought it was wayyy warmer out today then it was and i left the house in flats and skinny jeans

bad idea...should of worn the uggs.

 char baby saying mama, it makes me so happy, also sorry about the mess
 miss attitude (she gets that from R obviously)
 hahaha all bundled up
 i let C snuggle with me in my bed during her nap...long story short she is nuts and had to go back to her room
omg she is the cutest ever


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