Sunday, October 21, 2012


So, I feel like a bad ass! I ran 13.1 miles today!! R was a great motivator and helped me during mile 12 when I felt like I wanted to pass out and go eat a whole pizza.  We went a 2:13:08, yay! We DID stop around mile 10 so we could go use the facilities, and it was for 2 we actually went a 2:11...details!

Our weekend was fun, we didn't do much except rest for our race.  Except last night I tried so hard to fall asleep at 9, because we had to get up super early, but of course that was the same night my cats were being incredibly annoying and needy.  So I didn't fall asleep until midnight.

The hubs has REALLY good karma, he left his phone on top of the car by accident during the race, and 3 hours later it was STILL THERE! I told him he had good karma and not to worry, and what do ya know, he does! The other day he found a phone outside of an elementary school we live by, and took it inside to the office, well the universe paid him back because nobody took his phone, and we were parked in DETROIT like right by a pretty busy road! He got pretty lucky. 

Here is our weekend in pictures

 char baby's mean mug
 I just love fall
 nature baby
 the cutest.
 trying to get a good fam photo...its hard with a baby
I just can't even handle the cuteness of her face
 the girls
 man we look awful, READY for the race
 at this point I was about to pee my pants with excitement
 rooting for Michigan! (They WON)
I got my hair cut (after like 4 months, as R said: "your roots look awful" WELL NOW THEY DON'T!)