Monday, October 15, 2012


16. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments

1.) Getting into all the colleges I applied to
2.) Graduating from said college
3.) Having Char baby (child birth is HARD)
4.) Running 12 miles (next week I can say 13.1!)
5.) passing that annoying basic skills math test

It sounds way better in my head, I am so bad under pressure coming up with these things.

I am so excited for halloween and everything coming up this next YEAR!! Halloween, then thanksgiving, then we can watch ELF, then Christmas, then Char baby's FIRST birthday, then new years, then MY birthday, then the hubs birthday, then our 3 year anniversary, then my brothers wedding, then my best friends wedding, then MAINE.  It just gets more exciting but what I am most excited about is watching Elf, it is my all time favorite Christmas movie, and the hubs refuses to let me watch it until after thanksgiving.

By the way, I HATE eBay.

Last night I had a dream that I bought my best friends car.  It was super weird because in my dream I was at the secretary of state and of course the woman who was helping me was super rude.  I woke up kind of mad because the lady didn't let me buy the car.  I wonder what that means?

I really want a vanity for my amazing walk in closet, to go right under the window.  Kind of like this:

A little skinnier though.  I am on the look out and will keep you posted!


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  1. Waiting until after Thanksgiving is what makes watching Elf so special. This next year is going to be a lot of fun.