Thursday, October 18, 2012

I like carrots

1.) So Char baby has this toy.  Its creepy. Its a bunny and it says stuff like "hello!" "You're my friend" "Peek a boo" in this scary creepy FURBY voice.  Well last night it kept saying "I like carr-ots" like every 10, I catch myself saying this to myself like 100 times a day IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!

2.) I couldn't sleep last night and so it was around 3 am I decided to check my phone...and I got super excited because my baby best friend L had FINALLY posted pictures of our most wonderful weekend on Lake Michigan!!

3.) My cat (butt face) gets dingleberries all the time. It is so gross.

4.) My half marathon is in 2 days

5.) I love sleeping in the rain

6.) I had a dream that our toilet was in the middle of our living room.

 the most perfect weekend, this is totally a contender for our christmas picture!
 my baby bestie Lizzie, she is just the cutest person in the whole world (the hubs actually took this picture though, impressive!)

hahahaha caught ya char baby



  1. so, you know that episode of PLL where mona talks in weird code? i imagine "i like carr-ots" in that voice. that's how it comes out in my head! creeeeeepy as eff.

  2. oh, and that pic of you guys in front of the lighthouse is so beautiful. I hope you blow it up and put it in a nice frame somewhere :) i can't get over it!