Monday, October 29, 2012

mailmen and uggs

-so, today i discovered the best mocha i have ever tasted.  it came from great lakes coffee over by west gate in ann arbor.  they put dark chocolate in it and even an extra FREE shot of expresso.  it was expensive but holy moly it was good.  i also decided today i am not going to capitalize anything.  it looks funny to me for some reason.

-we had a good weekend, nothing really amazing happened.  it is really windy here today, and freezing, but its good because its UGG season :) the hubs hates uggs, but i love them.  char baby has a pair and i have a pair and they are just so nice and warm i love it.

-i was hoping i would get in the mail today my acceptance letter from eastern...but stupid mail man didn't bring it :( i get mad at the mail man not the place because they are the ones delivering it.  i love my mail man usually, he is so nice and always asks how my day is going, always says hi to baby c, and always has a smile on his face.  AND he always comes right at noon.

-today the hubs and i start insanity.  we are so excited because we are in competition with another couple at the end of 2 months whoever looks the best buys the other dinner at buffalo wild wings.  i love wings so i am going to win.  we took before pics today, i will post the before and after at the end of 2 months, so you can all be amazed.

-i leave for nicaragua in 6 days....I AM SO EXCITED!!!

-i forgot to put on deodorant today...its probably fine

-our weekend in pictures:

 i mean how good do those blocks taste anyhow?
 playing awww
 flying babyyy

 we went out for halloween but didn't dress up 
 hahaha the unibrowwww! (m is frida kahlo) 
 k and me

 this is the cutest
mohawk from her hat hahah


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