Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's on A's phone?!?

I am using this idea from one of the amazing blogs I follow Leather and Lace, thanks L :)

What is on A's phone??

 Yes I am aware this is very "myspace" but I thought I looked cute today...and that is my hubby watching something on his computer on our most comfy bed

 This was yesterday, we had a play date with Bennett and Evie, Evie is way better at posing for pictures then C, its probably because I torture her daily with picture taking sessions, but seriously how CUTE are they???!
 This was last night, my cat Mawy is SO cuddly and I just love him
 hahaha she is passed the F out...her chubby little cheeks, and drool coming out of her mouth, how could you not love this face?? I am still so confused as to why she has brown hair...maybe it will still change?!
 Riding in the car (don't worry we are parked in this picture) 
 Silly C, always crawling away from me, so proud of herself too
I want to make this! So I took a picture of it...I will keep you updated if I actually make it


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