Friday, October 12, 2012

Dogs and Birds

The next question is : If you were an animal what kind would you be and why?

This question puzzled me for quite some time...I thought and thought and finally I just came up with


I think I chose a dog because they are mostly treated like people, they are loyal, and SUPER cute! I wouldn't want to be a small dog, I think I would want to be a medium dog so I could still sleep on the bed.  I think being a dog also appeals to me because I could ALSO think all sorts of things and NOBODY would hear or understand me if I was thinking "MAN that guy looks awful" stuff like that.  Also when I was younger I always wished I was my own dog when I had to go to school or swim practice...they just SLEEP all the time, and that seemed so much more appealing when I had to go and do something productive.  I would not be the dog that sits and does the bum rub on the ground though because THAT is nasty.

I guess a bird would be pretty cool poop on someones head? (think about it)

I can't decide so I will leave it at that!

We leave for Chicago in t minus 9 hours!!!!

I bought the cutest earrings yesterday from Francesca's its like my all time favorite store at the mall, and I have to make sure I don't spend every cent I make there!
 aren't they amazing? omg
The Tigers won last night, this is Char baby supporting them...she is also crazy tired, and ready to nap in this picture.


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