Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Story: Part 1

The hubs and I met technically in 7th grade at our local swim/dive club.

little did I know that I would marry "the boy in the blue shorts" he was my first slow dance at our swim banquet...he went to a different school then me and ended up dating another girl until the middle of freshman year.

my brother dated the same girl. haha

we had a few classes together (i had a crush, he didn't notice me)

then everything changed our senior year of high school. first semester we had two classes together, and we began talking and being friendly, we sat next to each other in english and made fun of our teachers long hair.

he began dating a girl in class and moved to sit by her...i was devastated.

i didn't show it though and made fun of him for switching seats with my friend.

they only dated for a little while, and THEN I finally had my chance.

a mutual friend was in my class and asked me who I liked, I told her, she then asked him if he had any interest in me...he said "well more of a friend, I am kind of into this other girl" I was crushed.

well that didn't work out with the girl, and two weeks later he asked me on a date.

i refused. (i told all my friends i would NEVER date him, he was weird blah blah blah)

then my baby bff L came to visit.

we went and timed the guys swim team meet, R was there diving of course.

all of us girls were gathered around in a circle deciding where we were going to go after the meet, R came up and asked me what my plans were i said: "I think we are going to go to TGI Fridays" totally oblivious to what he was implying.

I told my baby bff L I liked him that night.

the next week at school he asked me out again.

This time, I said yes.

to be continued...


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