Sunday, January 20, 2013

perfect weekend

1.) on Friday I went out for drinks with a friend at a bar near my much fun.

2.) on Saturday we went over to one of C's baby friends house for a get together for her bday, i got to shoot a gun (omg it was SO FUN) bottle of wine later and i was SO sick.  I went to bed at 8 p.m. no seriously i did.  C didn't feel too great either, but she slept ALL night so thank goodness.

3.) today we went to the mall play area and we saw some friends with their 12 day old baby omg she was the sweetest thing ever in wrinkles and baby smell <3 then we went to Pizza house (we have not been there in like a year...) because my parents left us some money and told us to treat ourselves to pizza. #bestparentsever

it was a pretty perfect weekend PLUS i don't have school tomorrow so i can spend all day with my little favorite yayy.

and next weekend i'm going with crazy med school up north for a baby free weekend! can. not. wait.

i want to start trying out maxi skirts...i will keep you posted!

our weekend in pictures:

 me and the hubs <3
 little favorite at the party
 princesses: c is almost 13 months, Mirah is almost 12 months, and Bella is 10 months
 she loves my purse...i mean she has great taste!
lounging on my bed


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