Sunday, January 6, 2013

1,2,3 and the weekend

I am using the 1,2,3 idea from a great blog I follow, thank you Ali :)

1.) we had a wonderful weekend, we visited some old friends that had a baby recently and C LOVED her, and kept trying to pet her it was just so cute she will be a wonderful older sister (someday don't worry it will be awhile).  We discovered Char baby talks in her sleep, after sleeping in the same room with her it is so funny, she will be sound asleep and just start jabbering away!

2.) do you ever have those days where you wonder if what you are doing as a parent is good enough? I have them all the time, and i wonder if i am teaching her the right stuff, or if we are doing enough, or if i am on my phone taking pictures too much of her instead of living in the moment.  she is just so perfect, and little and I am the one that is supposed to be her role model.  and i am so NOT perfect.  but all i can do is try, and i guess that is all anyone can do.  i just remember the day we found out i was pregnant and i had all these emotions running through me but the one i remember most is fear.  i didn't think i could be a good enough mom because i was too selfish about my own stuff. but having Char for a year now has made me realize i still CAN be selfish, just in different ways.  I love her so much, and I couldn't even imagine a day without her in my life, i feel so lucky that she calls me mama, and i definitely don't feel like i am baby sitting anymore!

3.) the hubs stepped in cat poop THREE times in a span of 3 days...hahahaah poor R.

 mya is 11 weeks she is so pretty, and seriously has wayyy more hair then Char
 we are down to 1 bottle a day...I just don't have the heart to take it away yet
but look at her amazing eyes
 hanging out in the back of the car on the way to IN
char baby is so dramatic and isn't happy unless someone is sitting back there with her 
she also likes to poke my face its super fun 
petting mya, we tell her to "be gentle" with our cats all the time so she associates it with petting...I guess i don't really know how to break that habit with people? its probably fine


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