Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Story: Part 2

The day of our first date I had a water polo game, so R came to it.

After the game we went to stucci's (an ice cream place) it was March 24, right at the end of our senior year we talked for a few hours about everything.

afterwards we took a walk down town and went into Borders (a book store) we listened to some music he jokingly said the song "wake me up before you go go" was "our song" (so cheesy, but I loved it) then he took me home and walked me to my door, and we had our first kiss a teeny little peck I remember shutting the door and doing a happy dance (like full on jumping up and down)

we ended up going to the same college (randomly, he had decided early decision back in December, and I had decided the day before our first date)

fast forward a few years later

it was the summer before our senior year of college, July 7th, we decided to go on a picnic and get dressed up (if you know me you know how i LOVE getting dressed up) I remember i was watching tv before getting ready and thinking, "oh I only need like 20 min to get ready its just a picnic"

Little did I know what was about to happen....

My bff J had texted me that day saying:
"what if you get engaged tonight?!?"
I just said "hahaha that won't happen for awhile trust me"
and I then proceeded to text R what she had said...
his response:"haha see you in a few hours"

So, my hair looked awful, I wasn't wearing matching shoes, the only cute thing I was wearing was my dress.

It had just been raining so the park we went to was pretty empty except a few joggers

R was acting super weird after we ate and I could tell something was up, that he was hiding something in his hands (being me i just thought it was a present or dessert for me or something)

I asked him what he was hiding and if I could have it...
he said: "you can have it but I have to preface it with something first"

Then it hit me, I knew what was about to happen.

I had butterflies.

My heart was racing.

I thought "oh NOOO my hair looks AWFUL"

He came around the other side of the picnic table and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes!


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