Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's on A's Phone?!

Today we took my cousin's boyfriend from Cali to dinner (he is interviewing for med school here) and we had a new waiter who bless his heart was trying so hard to be confident, and know what was on the menu, but holy mother he talked WAY too much about freaking wine.  and more wine.  i finally had to kick the hubs to order something so he would stop talking about WINE.  When he finally stopped talking (i think he was nervous) dinner was delish.

Here is what is on my phone...I am majorly slacking with taking pictures this week:

 my best friend
 i got this sweater for Christmas, and the hubs said it looked really 80s, but i don't care it is the most comfy sweater ever in life, and i love it!
 hahahah I got these hats for us for christmas from Target, and I am obsessed!
hahaha char baby always eats paper so the hubs told me to go eat some...i really wanted cheese though its way more filling.


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