Monday, January 21, 2013

trying out maxi

Skirt: Gap, Shirt: Gap, Scarf: Macy's, Earrings: Claire's
Baby: Carters 

first of all: Char baby wanted to wear my scarf this moring so i let her and she was walking around the house all happy and excited.  

second of all: i am trying out the maxi skirt!! and the verdict is that I actually do love it. the hubs said he likes it too, but he feels like its more for summer (i'm sure he is cringing right now that i told the world wide web this) but he has great taste...its true R you do. i need to get my poses down, right now i feel so awk. #itsprobablyfine

third of all: i'm working on my camera settings, it will get better, at least it isn't my phone any more!

also this morning me and the hubs decided to go get coffee and as C and I were waiting patiently in the car for him to come back this old lady proceeds to jump in front of my window and YELL "DON'T WORRY I DON'T NEED MONEY" scaring the bajesus out of me and then she ran away like a bat out of hell. i swear to you this is real life. if C could talk she would tell you the same thing! like of course this happens to me.

its SNOWING!! best day ever. i am enjoying snuggling with char baby, drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows duh) and watching the snow fall. happy monday!



  1. LOVE. and the chunky belt. and the scarf. and the feather earrings.

    i love it all! and even better, it's a year round piece!! good choice!!

  2. Thank YOU!!! good luck on your exams so excited for this weekend :)