Monday, January 14, 2013


I just had THE BEST weekend ever in life. (my lovely mom always says "the best" in a funny voice to C baby and so me and the hubs have kind of picked it up and say it. all. the. time. hahaha i will take a video sometime) 

i want tina fey and amy poehler to be my bff's they are hilare, and i hope they continue to do the golden globes, also what the fudge was up with Anne Hathaway? she was not funny and i swear to god she was drunk.  my friend S was texting me during it and said that her tv made everyone look like normal people and that we could totally be famous.  then i started looking on pinterest at fashion and got sad bc my style board isn't my real life closet...poor me.  

the hubs always says he has no idea what goes through my head when i am having a convo with him because it will start off normal but then completely turn into something else. for example we are talking about apples, then i will start thinking about picking apples, then i will start thinking about worms, then i will start thinking about how gross worms are, and THEN i say to him "ew i hate stepping on worms when it rains" because i actually DO hate that, i feel mean and gross at the same time. but R thinks its weird because i go from talking about apples to worms.  then i have to explain to him my train of thought...its exhausting really.

so we figured out why Char was being so dramatic the past couple of days or so, she had a fever (oops we didn't think about that) so now she is fine because we gave her some tylenol and let her sleep.  she is back to normal yayy.

i'm sitting at school right now and you guys it STILL smells like bacon. what. the. fudge. by the way i am saying fudge now because i am trying to not swear anymore for Char baby's sake, i am seriously surprised her first word WASN'T the f bomb.  

i am in a really great mood, i am having a great hair day (its curly yay!) and I slept my required 8 hours (seriously i need 8 hours or more because otherwise i am not fun to be around) and I get to go to Target later yayyyy 

anyways i have to go to class with all my 18-21 year old friends (i know you are extremely jealous right now)


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