Friday, January 25, 2013

what makes me happy right now

shirt and jeans: Tj maxx, jacket: Target
goddd i wish i didn't look so deer in the head lights...someday i will get it down...

snow i am loving all this snow we are getting, its my favorite time of year, and last year we didn't get ANY so I am just enjoying this for awhile

char baby i thought her nap was over at 2:30 but apparently she decided it wasn't and is still sleeping yayy

my new leather jacket well its pleather from target, and i got it on SALE for 17 dollars.  I have been looking FOREVER for this and I finally found it best day ever!

mexican food char baby and I met up with the hubs for lunch today and got the most delicious mexican food ever. we also found out C loves chips and guac

have a great weekend!