Friday, January 11, 2013


leggings: target, shirt: von maur, jacket: h and m, earrings: target
baby: my belly

I kind of brought back the outfit pictures, but its not going to be every day i just felt kind of cute today so i put one up. C is a grump.  but oh well, I kind of was too, its super gloomy outside and I am sure she just wants to be outside playing instead of cooped up indoors.  

i had some crazy dreams last night, i was in atlanta with the real housewives and Nene was my bff, and her grandbaby and C were bff's...random.

So yesterday I just felt awful and drained and so the hubs took me to coldstone, where i got heaven in a bowl...oreo overload: LOVE IT size.  I normally can't really finish a love it size, but last night I devoured it.  its probably fine.

anyways, I am so glad its Friday, have a great weekend everyone :)


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  1. you are seriously the cutest. i have been reading all of your posts and i love it. oreo overload w/ cake batter is my ultimate sweet fix. yum yum yum. i need to start doing med school outfit of the day pics. they usually include flannel pants and unmatched shirts. and i can't forget the ducky slippers.

    can't wait for ski trip! xoxo