Wednesday, January 2, 2013

no more formula!

so me and the hubs just finished insanity! We loved it, and both got amazing results.  We lost inches, weight, and sweat a LOT! I really recommend it to anyone, its awesome PLUS you don't need to go outside! (in 5 degree weather its perfect)

Today was the first day that the hubs had to go back to work after having like 10 days off it was super weird to have a girls day, but we had so much fun, Char baby loves to dance so we have tons of dance parties she bobs her little head up and down and shakes her booty. the. cutest. thing. ever.

we are off formula! yayy we have actually been off of it for awhile now, and the transition was pretty easy, so now we only spend 2.50 a week on her milk instead of 30 dollars...YAY! next up: getting rid of her pacifier (which she calls her "deedee") which may take a little longer, i am okay with her going until 2 with it but no longer then that! Also we are almost bottle free, which is fine with me too I like giving her a bottle before bed its like my special bonding time with up is potty training! i hate buying diapers and wipes...thank god for costco seriously!

today i am starting Jillian Michael's 30 day shred...and we also just signed up for the Detroit full marathon...ahhhh 26.2 MILES!!! I am all sorts of excited/nervous i get the nervous toots just thinking about it!

 we had C's one year pics professionally taken and I couldn't resist putting this one up...she is just so cute 
nye, timed photo, the hubs was pinching my bum so thats why we look so goofy


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