Thursday, January 17, 2013


1.) its thursday!! which means its date night! I love date night, probably because we NEVER go out anymore (we are trying to be responsible and save money...blah) but we got a few gift cards for christmas, and so its going to be a totally free date night! (well for us at least). I am so excited.

2.) today I subbed for my little favorite class of 4th graders, they are so so cute and as I was leaving (they were working with whiteboards on math) one of them wrote "you are the best sub ever" and i just about cried it made me so happy!!! those kids are awesome, one of them asked today what a spiders habitat was and another one answered "my dads SHOES" hahahaha i died laughing.

3.) i know i keep saying this but my cat has awful dingleberries and she stinks SO BAD. we really need to get her a hair cut...she just hates them and i feel awful leaving her there but its so much better for my sanity (i have a really good sense of smell, blessing and a curse) last time i by accident told them to give her a lion cut and she looked SO pitiful but we couldn't stop laughing at her because of how funny she looked!

 the hubs yells "A come take a picture HURRYYY" and so I found this. impossibly cute
 taking pics of ourselves entertains us for at LEAST 20 min of every day
while i was subbing today R sent me this text "FYI doggies say "yay"" hahahah we are working on it.


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