Tuesday, January 29, 2013

teeny tiny pig tails

this is my absolute fav pic of char baby she is about 3 months old here hahaha omg.
Valentines day is coming up and I am getting kind of excited.  I love wearing pink and it just gives me an excuse to go get Char a tutu! I am obsessed with her and tutu's.

I have a lot i want to do in terms of crafts i have been pinteresting like crazy lately and i have this completely blank wall in my room and I want to really decorate it (we have been living here for a full 8 months and I still haven't fully finished our room!). We are picking up Char baby's year pictures in a few days and there are a few I am going to frame plus I found this big letter "B" (our last name initial) and I am going to spray paint it silver and put it under her pictures.  I am going to get a few other things to put on the wall too.  I will do a before and after for you guys don't worry.

C grew some more hair last night and she has enough for TEENY tiny pig tails...omg. i die.

RACHEL ZOE (my like fav show, even the hubs watches it with me bc he is obsessed with Roger her hubby) is coming back MARCH 6!!!! I can't even wait.  the hubs and i started calling each other babe a lot after we watched her show.  i just love her.


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