Thursday, January 10, 2013

I brag

Char baby is SO smart!!! i am going to brag.  today while we were reading a book i told her to point to the teddy bear, tree, baby, toothbrush and dog and SHE DID IT! I can't even believe it.  in class yesterday my professor said that teaching kids is special. when you do it, and do it well you feel 100% drained of all of your energy at the end of every day.  well that is how i feel every single day with C, completely drained, like i want to lay on my bed with a glass of wine and chocolate cake, every. single. night. so I guess I am doing something right!

I just love her so much, and sometimes when she is really getting on my nerves in the car or like last night she took my pen i was writing in my planner with and stabbed my neck i get really mad, but then i realize she is only 12 months old, and she will only be like this for a little while, and then i try to just remember the moments that have made up this wonderful one whole year with her.  She is the very best thing that i have ever done, and i cannot wait to do it all over again in a few years.

today my mom and i took C to the outlets, it is a 45 min drive but so worth it. we spent entirely too much money on her, but she got SO many cute new clothes.  I don't even really shop for myself is so weird but now i just love baby clothes.  she is a giant though and the hubs is actually kind of excited that she will be taller then him someday.

i really really need a nice camera.

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