Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's on A's Phone?!

i hate parking at my school. i literally stalked people for half an hour this morning. not my idea of a fun morning...

here is what is on my phone this week:

 my sock bun turned out amazing the other day so I had the hubs take a picture
 outfit inspiration i love lace
 the girls running around the house it was a busy morning
 hahaha OB sent me this the other day she was wearing a snuggie and her friends hat bc she was freezing
 mini fashionista 
she saw me putting a scarf on and wanted one too so she pranced around the house with this on for most of the morning
 it can't even get cuter.
 my dad always calls her his secretary, so i sent him this picture and said "your secretary is hard at work" hahah she loves banging on his desk its hilare


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